Read Rite Corporation,
Upgrading Works Completed the upgrading of their Class 10,000 cleanroom by improving the temperature and increasing the relative humidity of the cleanroom services include upgrading ductwork, AHU’s, fire protection services and electrical services. 1998
Trans Capital / Castlewood New Plant, Prai A disk drive sub-assembly plant/PCB/SMT manufacturer. Involved in their renovations of M & E services for their new plant as well as upgrading their existing services include cleanroom (Class 100K), air conditioning, ventilation, compressed air, electrical & fire protection services. 1993
Cleanroom Design Completed the design of their expansion programme to build 12,000 sq. ft. of Class 100 cleanroom and 3,000 sq. ft. of Class 1,000 cleanroom for the removable hard disk for Castlewood. 1997-1998
UMW Corporation   Completed the entire M & E engineer for a office/warehouse/services centre. Services involved ACMV, fire protection services, compressed air electrical and telephone and I.T. services. 1997-1998
Swiss Profile, Prai   Completed the entire mechanical services for a watch components factory. Services include air conditioning, fire protection services and utilities services. 1996
Sinetimed Latex, Taiping Old Plant A latex gloves manufacturer and completed a Class 1000 Cleanroom for their packing area. 1994
New Plant Completed the design of their entire M & E services for their new building which includes a Class 10 Cleanroom (3,600 sq. ft.) and Class 1,000 Cleanroom (2,000 sq. ft.). Other services involved include RODI system and oil free air.. 1997-1998