Sony Corporation, Prai Phase 1 Completed the two projects for the addition of office/locker building and a building to house the abechoic chamber. Involved in the M & E services and have to upgrade existing services. 1998-1999
Phase 2 Completed upgrading of the entire air conditioning system of the Sony plants from water cooled packaged units to chilled water system. Approximately floor area involved is 1 million sq. ft. This works on a concept of a centralised cooling system like district cooling serving 3 different building blocks. Coordination and management is of extreme importance as the project of the conversion of the WCPU’s to chilled water AHU’s can only be carried out during the holiday shutdown 2000-2001
Sony Corporation Factory in Tikam Batu, Kedah. Completed an entire new factory of about 60,000 sq. ft. Services include the entire ACMV, fire protection services, utilities services and electrical services. 2003