NB Place
PGD Development Watercross Project Involved in the M & E services of a 150,000 sq. ft. shopping/office development in Alor Star. Services include the air conditioning, electrical and fire protection services. 1996
Heritage Zone Wisma TNB Completed the entire mechanical & electrical services for the new complex. Services include air conditioning (VAV System), H.T. & L.T. electrical, fire protection services, lifts, etc 1993
New Bob Realty Prai Plaza Completed the entire M & E services of a 5-storey office/commercial complex of about 350,000 sq. ft. 1995
NB Place Completed the entire M & E services for a 15-storey office/commercial building. 1995
Naga Perkasa, Wisma Hutton Completed the entire M & E services for a 5-sotrey office building at Hutton Lane. 1993
Sunshine Technology New Office Building in Jalan Zsinal Abidin, Penang. Completed the entire M & E Services for a 7 storey speculative office building for a developer. 1996-1998
Warisan Pinang Act as a checker for the mechanical services. Involved in the checking of the entire design of the mechanical services for a 21-storey office building in Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah. Also involved in the periodic supervision, testing and commissioning of the completed works. 1998-2000